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Noncommercial: You may not use the work for commercial purposes. It is important to note that the distinction between commercial and noncommercial can be subject to interpretation and there is a grey area of uses between those that are obviously commercial and those that are non-commercial. Please contact me regarding this matter.


If you need an image at a different resolution or otherwise processed for print—all images that appear on this site are sharpened for screen use, for example—or if you would like to see any unpublished alternative images of a subject, I’m happy to help. For this service, I charge my standard studio hourly work rates. A one hour minimum applies. Please contact me with specifics.

Please note that I reserve the right to provide alternates and higher resolution photographs under different license terms than the terms a smaller size is distributed under. In addition, if your intended usage isn’t covered by a standard waiver above, then additional licensing fees may apply.