Lens: Sony E 18-200 LE F3.5-6.3 OSS (SEL18200LE) Camera: NEX-C3, 132mm, ISO 200, f/6.3, -3.0, 1/250, RAW

The weather here's been showers on and off for the whole week, as Typhoon No.16 passes over Japan on its route to Korea. Japan is privy to multiple typhoons (hurricanes) every year, and Okinawa is almost always affected en route. I was in Okinawa for just 4 days, in between Typhoons 15 and 16. I missed 16 by just one day. The day after returning to Tokyo, NHK broadcast live images from Naha airport in southern okinawa, where all flights had been cancelled due to strong winds and high seas flooding the runway. Quite the lucky escape.

Luckier still, was the weather I experienced in Okinawa. Gorgeous weather. This sunset picture was snapped in Nago-shi about half way up the island. I also took a video of the sunset, using the C3 and the zoom lens, which I plan on incorporating into a video in the near future.