Rose │ NEX-7 & Canon FDn 50mm F1.4 │ 50mm, 1/60, ISO 500, f/2, Lightroom 4.2 Apartment hunting - an event I've never enjoyed. Mainly because it's never really exactly what I want, but rather just a stop-gap until I buy a house somewhere. Apartment hunting in Japan is an absolute nightmare, and one I will complain about in full in another post, if you're interested. In short, when moving in, we will have to pay between 3 and 6 months' rent up front - never to be seen again. Ouch.

Whilst out looking for somewhere to shelter us for the upcoming year, I saw this rose. It was there, all by itself, at the side of the road. I had to get a quick snap; and I was rather pleased with the results:

Gorgeous colour