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Winter Sun


Winter Sun │ NEX-C3 & SEL 16mm  F2.8 │ 16mm, ISO 200, f/22, 1/100

I write this from inside the warm comfort of our apartment, as outside the weather is a miserable 7°C and drizzling. I took the above photo during the week, when the weather was much more typical of the dry winter here in Japan. The trees are now almost bear, and it's hard to believe the temperature was 39°C just a few months ago. The sky in Tokyo over winter is usually a completely clear, deep blue. It's also extremely dry - we've actually bought a humidifier for the apartment. In the UK, one never needs a humidifier due to the persistent moisture in the air.

Typically, the weather should return to sunny, but chilly, dry conditions on Monday. Just in time for me to spend all day in an office...