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Sigma 30mm NEX E-Mount


Hello Kitty │ NEX-7 & Sigma 30mm F2.8 │ 30mm, ISO 320, f/4.5, 1/60 Unstabilised, but sharp. Oh, it is sharp. I am finding the Sigma 30mm for NEX to be very capable. It's plastic, isn't premium, and the camera is a little slow to start up with it attached, but it delivers. It's exactly as I had expected, after reading so many reviews and words of wisdom from throughout the NEX community.

Take the above photo, for example. Nothing special, but if I select the following area:

Then we can really show off the Sigma and the NEX-7's 24 resident APS-C based megapixels. Of course, we all know that megapixels do not make good photos, but they certainly allow a lot of detail. Some complain about low-light performance from having so many megapixels, but I am yet to see a discernable difference between the NEX-C3 and NEX-7 for my purposes. They are both excellent cameras, and Adobe Lightroom is a good companion.

Anyway, look at this crop...

Amazing! Not an amazing photo, composition, or subject, but the detail on the cat is astounding. This means the lens and camera combination is suitable for some decent-sized prints, should I wish to have any made in the future. An exciting prospect for a future home.

Incidentally, I recommend dropping by the day-by-day photoblog of "trshptr", here. Some of the best photos I've seen from a NEX camera, are uploaded to his site with good frequency (and he put the sigma through its paces for many months).

Edit: as the photo is not full size, but a compressed JPEG export, there is some lossed detail. But the point remains. Decent image quality and sharpness from the NEX-7 and Sigma 30mm combo. This lens is a must for any NEX owner!