Winter Fuji


Winter Fuji │ NEX-7 & Canon NFD 50mm F1.4 │ 50mm, ISO 100, f/22, 1/20, -1.0EV

Didn't go to the office today, and have finally finished the paper I've been working on. Free from distractions (almost), I was able to just relax with some coffee and not be distracted. I got into the nitty gritty and am pleased with the results. Sometimes, going into an office to work stifles creativity, concentration, and is full of distractions (mostly in the form of new tasks). I had one task today, and now it's done, I can open Lightroom and have a look at the photos from this morning. (Click the above photo to see it in a larger size).


This morning the sunlight was shining through our blinds, and so rather than work from home, we decided to get some fresh air and work from a coffee-shop, as many people do. We have the essential Apple computers, so we are allowed into that club, at least!

The above photo is of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building [東京都庁舎], which has North and South viewing decks on the 45th floors on each tower. The views are nothing short of spectacular. One realises the size of Tokyo, when it doesn't disappear from view. The only thing stopping Tokyo in the West and North are the mountain ranges of the minami-alps, and the site of the 1998 Winter Olympics. To the South, there is Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky tree, and Tokyo bay. The East spreads into Chiba and Narita Airport... you'll never see all the way out there! Massive.

It was so fresh and clear, with favourable winds. We rushed to the government building, scooted up to the 45th floor, and was in complete awe at the site of Mt. Fuji dominating the landscape. Most days, it's impossible to see. In the summer, heat-hase and the aerosol boundary layer (lit. smog) reduce visibility, even in a city as clean as Tokyo. In winter, the boundary layer is lower, so the light has less crud through which to pass (non-scientific term, there).

I always thought it was a myth, to be able to see Fuji so clearly from central Tokyo, but we've done it. Another one checked off the list.

Though the above vertical panorama shows significant reflections due to both my positioning and the thick double-glazing, I'm continually impressed with the NEX series of cameras.