Brickweave │ NEX-7 & SEL24F18Z │ 24mm, ISO 500, f/1.8, 1/60, RAW

Some parts of Tokyo are so spacious, that it's easy to forget all of the winding narrow streets, and how I have to duck to get in and out of trains, rooms, restaurants... almost everywhere.

The above photo was taken close to Tokyo station, which has just finished renovation. Around here, there is lots of space, and almost every single floorspace is made from brickweave, which appears to be less than 24 hours old. Everything is spotless. So clean. You'd eat off it. Well, you wouldn't choose to, but the "5 second rule" would become at least a 30 second rule.

As you can see, there are still "Christmas lights" up and about. Though they're not Christmas lights at all, just a nice illumination for the shopping areas. They'll probably come down as the nights get longer, and the temperature rises. Speaking of which, it's still pretty frosty right now, and sunset is currently 5:30pm. It's time for some dinner... adios!