Coffee Time

Suntory Coffee

Suntory Coffee │ NEX-7 & Canon nFD 50mm F1.4 │ 50mm, ISO 800, f/2, 1/60, RAW

I love coffee. I'm drinking one right now! I can't get enough of the stuff. This wasn't always the case, however. Since I started writing my Postgraduate Thesis proper, I found that I rather enjoyed a hot cup of coffee by my side. It became part of my daily ritual.

When we moved to Japan, there were a few things I looked forward to in particular. Low down the list, was that one will rarely go thirsty in Japan. There are more vending machines in Tokyo than the whole UK, by quite a considerable margin. In the summer, they supply us with ice cold waters, green tea, and coke. In the winter, you can still get the aforementioned drinks, but the machines are physically swapped to those which heat half of their inventory; which is mostly coffee. Sometimes, there are teas, hot chocolates, and even soups.

I've scaled back on purchasing drinks from vending machines now. When I came here on holiday, it's how I bought most of my drinks. When I first moved here, too. However, they're a little expensive relative to either making your own, or buying elsewhere. Having said that, they aren't much (about £1/1 Euro), so if it's a little chilly when you're out taking photos, make it Suntory Time.