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Bag | NEX-C3 & Canon nFD 50mm F1.4 | 50mm, f/1.4, 1/60 , ISO 200, RAW

I recently discussed on Google+ which bags I use to carry my photography gear, depending on the amount of stuff, weather, and my general feelings at the time. Sometimes I just take the camera itself, other times I will take two bodies and a few lenses. I usually prefer to just have one lens per day as it's simply less hassle.

My NEX-C3 (used to take these photos), is so small that I just sling it into my work bag (above). Working in Tokyo, I quickly became used to walking. Lots of walking. Few people drive, and as such, few people are fat. Also, everyone has a bag. A bag is very practical. In the UK, I would no doubt be ridiculed for carrying such a bag. Only messenger bags and backpacks have any sort of social acceptability. Phrases such as "manbag" are all too common to describe anything which isn't the humble backpack. I don't concern myself with such matters. An attaché briefcase would be far too formal, as I do not wear a suit. A rucksack would make me look as if I were going to school, or go climbing, yet I am dressed smart-casual (I'd call it casual, but I'm wearing trousers and a shirt... not jeans & heavy metal t-shirt). The bag fits. More importantly, things fit in the bag.

If I take the NEX-7 to work, I usually put my small Jonelle bag inside, to protect it a little more. I've opened up the Jonelle bag to show the NEX-7 (and SEL18200LE attached) inside my work bag, with my wallet, Nexus 7, USB cables, power pack, and a few other things. Sometimes I put a laptop inside, but I rarely need to.

How do you travel to work? Do you have a bag?