Pollen Macro

Pollen | NEX-7 & SEL30F35 Macro| 30mm, 1/160s, f/13.0, ISO100, RAW

These lilies really are getting a lot of airtime! They've been going strong for over two weeks now, and thrived during our trip to Hiroshima. There are only two flowers remaining now, as we prune off the stragglers. Anyway, the above-shot is a montage of 1 capture. On the left, the original image, slightly cropped at the sides. The black square denotes the area taken of the right image, which is a 100%, i.e. sensor-level (1:1), crop. I'm quite amazed! The pollen looks like little grains of brown rice, or 玄米 genmai, in Japanese.


I really wasn't expecting to get this level of detail, but I am seriously impressed! Luckily, we don't suffer from hayfever, so we are instead just treated to the welcoming fresh scent of these lilies each time we walk through the door.