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Birds of a feather

Flock together | NEX-7 & Tamron 90mm F2.8 SP Macro | 1/250s ISO100 90mm f/4

Spend any length of time in Japan, and you'll see crows. There are hardly any pigeons in all of Tokyo, but there are a few. These big crows rule the roost. Nets are thrown over the bags of rubbish in the mornings, (in a futile attempt) to stop the crows ripping open the bags before the collection people arrive. The crows are loud, and are not easily scared. In fact, I think that the local Japanese people are more scared of the crows than the crows are of them!

At first glance, they're evil looking black birds, but look closer and you'll see very clever animals, with feathers of a deep, midnight purple. I personally like the crows a lot, and will endeavour to take a close-up photo in the near future. Until then, I wanted to share this photo I took just before sunset, of two crows flying rather majestically across the autumn sky.