2D, or not 2D? That is the question.

A double-typhoon last week has summed up quite a tiresome October. The strong wind coupled with the opening of the heavens, along with a few other factors, has meant that we've spent most of the week, and weekend indoors. 

Bike parking

It's been a week since I last posted, and we've had two typhoons in that time. That's more than "normal"  for this time of year.

Of note, I made a slight change to the way in which I operate my camera.  All of my cameras to date, including my current phone, activate autofocus upon the half-depression of the shutter button. This means that if the autofocus point is set to the middle of the frame (as it typically is) then I have to keep the focus button depressed if I want to slightly reframe the image (e.g. move the focal-point/focus of the image slightly out of centre). No problem; it's what I'm used to.

The change I've made is to have my camera always in manual focus mode, but with the AEL (Auto-Exposure Lock) button set to Autofocus (toggle/hold). This means that I can manually turn the focus ring, and fire off a shot... or I can have autofocus as the press of a button. A side effect of this setup is that if I take multiple shots of the same object, e.g. a car moving through the frame as it drives past me, the camera will not reset its focus position (and I will not have to worry about half-depressing the shutter). The result is that photographs can be fired off much faster, without hunting autofocus. It takes some getting used to, but it's been an enjoyable change so far.

An all-time favourite of mine, the R34 Skyline GT-R

The internet is full of chatter regarding the upcoming Sony A7(R) cameras. I have updated my "camera musings" page on the gear section of my website, with some recent thoughts on the matter.

The weather seems to have improved, and this marks the end to this tedious and tiresome tyranny of typhoons.