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The last of the Gingko

OK, this is it, I promise! Huge winds this afternoon have completely stripped the leaves from the beautiful gingko trees adorning the many walkways within the University of Tokyo. I managed to snap these shots early in the morning, before the strong winds.

There are many western-style buildings in the university campus, which are arguably more interesting to look at than the newer buildings.

I asked this lady if I could take a photo of her painting - she agreed enthusiastically. The photo has been converted to black and white due to insanely intense colours of her jacket! 

The low-level light of this season really does create the best shadows, and highlights.

After these seriously strong winds, and the recent drop in temperature, I really do think that this will be the last significant piece of autumn I catch here in Tokyo. It seems to go on forever, and so much later than back home (it actually does, due to latitude). I know I keep saying that this is the "last of autumn", but I really think it just might be...

... maybe