A Walk to Jiyugaoka

The last time I walked in this direction, I was alone, after a day of photography in Jiyugaoka (a nice residential district in Tokyo). For this journey we decided to walk from our place, through the many backstreets, on a ~ 2.5 hour winter afternoon stroll.

Delivery bikes awaiting their next mission

The problem with winter in [mainland] Japan, is that sunset is so damn early. 4:29pm today! That means after a lie-in, some TV, and lunch, there's not much daylight left! The flip-side is that the available light is at a low angle, and creates some nice shadows.

I wouldn't want to stay in these rather scary-looking dorms...

Of course, once the sun goes down, it takes any available heat with it. By the time we got to Jiyugaoka, we were frozen! We hopped onto a train (and very much enjoyed the heated seats) and made the journey back home.