Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Wild Snow Monkeys | NEX-7 & Tamron SP 90mm F2.8 | f/2.8 1/640s ISO100 EV+1

We returned last night from an impromptu trip to the Japanese Alps. There's no snow in Tokyo, but there was no shortage of snow here. I hope you enjoy the photos - there are more than normal! (as usual, click on a photo to fill the window)

As you will have spotted from the first photograph, we were fortunate enough to see wild snow monkeys (Japanese macaques) around the natural hot springs steaming out of the volcanic mountainside.

Is it safe in there?!?

It's so hot!

Escaping the ice and snow, we boarded a series of trains, including the almighty bullet train, back to Tokyo.

Merry Christmas, everyone!