Where's my wallet?

NEX-7 & Voigtländer Nokton Classic 35mm F1.4 | f/4 1/60s ISO400 35mm

It's fashionable in Japan to keep one's wallet in one's back pocket - something my father told me never to do under any circumstances. I suppose that's the difference between Japan (even in a massive city such as Tokyo), and the West - street crime is so low here. I notice open bags, wallets half out of jeans, and handbags used to reserve tables in coffee shops, on an almost daily occurrence.

A side effect of Japan being so safe is that Japanese tourists are extremely vulnerable when abroad. I recall seeing the sign "pickpockets operate in this area" in the Japan Store in London, back in 2010, and thinking "wow, this place must be a hotbed for crime!". Upon closer reading, the sign meant London itself, and to keep your bags zipped up and valuables out of sight - something which I do without thinking.

I suppose the fact I actually notice this, shows that I haven't lost this part of my upbringing.