Walking through Ueno Park

Lily pads | NEX-7 & Canon nFD 50mm F1.4 | 50mm 1/4000s ISO100 f/2.8

I ventured out from my air-conditioned office around noon to meet a work associate from Taiwan, at the nearby Ueno station in central Tokyo. I rarely leave the immediate area surrounding my workplace, so I took it as an opportunity to take a few photos during the 15-minute walk.

There's a building in there somewhere...

The intense light can be somewhat harsh, and as the sun is almost directly overhead, there's not much in the way of shadows, or shelter. Such conditions can make for some very flat and low-contrast imagery, but I was not deterred. The building featured in the photo above, is very close to my office. It fascinates me. It's completely consumed by vegetation. Who works in there? I hope they recycle their paper.

Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree was doing its best at attempting to look like a real tree. I've not been up there yet, but when I do go, I'll be sure to bring my camera. 

Tori Gates in Ueno

Ueno's a funny area, but it's not without its charms. There's a zoo, and a collection of excellent museums. I know the area quite well, and if you look hard enough, you can discover some hidden treasures such as the odd temple, and this set of tori gates.