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Fluttering by

Fluttering By | RX1 | 1/80s f/8.0 ISO100 35mm

I noticed the briefest moment of sunshine during my lunch break, and took the opportunity to get to know my camera a little more. I took a number of photos in the vicinity of my workplace, including the above butterfly photograph. As I baked in the sun like a komodo dragon waiting for prey, this little guy fluttered by. At no more than 2cm long, I thought I'd test the native macro capabilities of the RX1. Deftly turning the focussing element until the 0,2m - 0,35m (it's got German Zeiss markings, thus a comma represents a decimal), I held the camera out at arms length and took the above snapshot. Below are two 95% crops. I'm simple astounded by the performance of this camera. The difference from the NEX-7 and SEL24F18Z is night and day.

I am not used to shooting at f/8 unless nearly blinded by the sun. Even in strong sunlight, I am not used to using ISO levels above ISO200. ISO800 used to be my own personal "upper limit". The above two photos were at ISO400. Two ~95% crops! I am still in awe of this sensor/lens combination. At f/2 it is pin-sharp. Bokeh is gorgeous, throughout the entire range. Sharpness and pixel-level performance do not make a good photo, but it certainly is nice to lose oneself in the creation of a photograph, rather than concerning oneself with technological limits.