To and From Work

Many vans in Japan are smaller than normal cars in every direction except heigh - kei vans or microvans

I don't drive for my daily commute, but some in Tokyo do. I spotted these cars as I was leaving work and heading to the train station to catch a ride home. I, like most people in Tokyo, take a train on Tokyo's extensive rail network. With my camera in hand, I set off from the office and snapped these black and white photos on my way home. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Changing lines

For these shots, I had my RX1 set to a maximum ISO of 25,600, High Contrast JPEG, Manual Focus, and set shutter speed and aperture manually (I was in M mode).

Usually, I catch my final train from Shinjuku and walk ~ 10 minutes from my final station to my flat, but this particular night we decided to just grab some sushi in Shinjuku, and so this is where my story ends.

To be continued...