I've been to Asakusa 「浅草」 many times over the years, but I've not been back here for around a year or so. The temple of Sensoji 「浅草寺」is a very popular all-year tourist attraction, and basically, I try to avoid those.

The area is, however, rather photogenic. As it'd been so long, and there's something about New Year and temples, we decided to take the hour-long journey from our place in west Tokyo, to the eastern side. In order to do so, one heads for the HDTV beacon known as Tokyo Sky Tree.

Satellite TV

Going to work

It's traditional to waft the smoke from the incense over one's head

The temples are full of thousands of little details - almost too many to take in. Fighting my way through groups taking "selfies", I once more made use of my considerable height advantage.

Plane, moon, temple

I find it rather amusing when I stop to take a photograph, because I've seen something, and a small group will gather around me, phones, cameras, and iPads (?) at the ready. The people try to understand exactly what I'm looking at, but perhaps it's nothing in particular, and just a certain light or reflection which has piqued my interest. I've even gone as far to fake seeing something interesting, for my own amusement :)