Wandering [what to do?]

Whatcha makin'?

Though my destination is usually the same each night (same train line, same final stop), I try to walk through different backstreets to increase my chances for inspiration.

Sometimes, I see something "new" in an object or building I've seen hundreds of times. Other times, random situations present themselves.

Can you guess which photos are taken with the RX1 and which with the NEX-7?

If I am not in the mood or the weather isn't favourable, I won't bother even taking my camera out of my bag. Sometimes I walk the entire distance with my camera in hand, looking for things, but not seeing them.


I think my message, if there is one, would be to not force yourself to take photos, or capture a moment. Some moments are better described verbally, and others visually. Whatever happens, keep the picture taking as a fun activity.

Happy snapping :)