Blend is Beautiful

  NEX-7 & SEL55F18Z | 1/100s f/1.8 ISO250 55mm

NEX-7 & SEL55F18Z | 1/100s f/1.8 ISO250 55mm

I agree with the above coffee advert - blend is beautiful. This sentiment is valid for certain aspects of photography, too. Often, it is desirable to have a very smooth blend of background blur, or bokeh (the Japanese word for blur). 

  Making sure that the building site isn't too loud

Making sure that the building site isn't too loud

In the pursuit of the perfect blend, I've acquired Sony's latest FE-mount lens, the SEL55F18Z. As pointed out by friend and fellow photoblographer Björn Utpott (his blog is a source of daily inspiration), I have a lens with a similar focal length and aperture already - the Canon nFD 50mm F1.4.


Even though the weather today was completely overcast, I took both lenses with me on the way to the shops and performed something of a comparison.


This isn't a scientific test by any interpretation, but one thing is clear - the new FE 55/1,8 is very sharp wide open, and does not have any purple fringing, or suffer from chromatic aberration (CA). When the nFD lens is stopped down to f/4, the image is very sharp. The new Sony FE lens is sharper, but this may not matter to some. I would still recommend the nFD lens to those on a budget, or wanting to use manual focus glass... but I would recommend the new Sony FE 55/1,8 Zeiss lens over it... every time.


Incidentally, you may (or more likely, may not) have noticed a change to the homepage of this site. I hope you like it! I've also changed the "reviews and gear"  section, listing my ramblings in reverse chronological order.


I hope that you enjoyed the photos, and found the (non-scientific) comparison interesting.