Introducing: Prints

This is something I've been working on for many weeks, so it's about time I gave it a little plug; I'm now selling ultra-high resolution prints (300 ppi).

Long-time readers will remember that I had a selection of prints made back in February, whilst I was over in Japan. Those prints were of very high quality, but I had little-to-no control over the final input, as it was an order-online type affair. 

I wanted to have my images printed to my specification, namely, that the print resolution would be so high as to render pixel-peeping a pursuit in futility. I wanted film-looking prints, but from my high resolution digital files. 

After many internet searches, phone calls, and even trips in my car, I found a professional printing service up to the task. They have a very expensive printer, roughly the size of a [very] small car, which can produce prints up to 30" x 90" (!). The images are professionally printed onto light sensitive photographic paper (Kodak Endura range) at 300ppi (3000dpi) using a ZBE Chromira printer. I had some samples made, and scrutinised the output with my 36 megapixel camera and macro lens—and I was not disappointed. The photo below shows a 100% crop of the A7R RAW file, with the print superimposed within the black frame. The topside ruler divisions are in millimetres, so you can imagine how fine the detail is on these prints.

The print superimposed atop the original RAW file (print is inside the black frame lines)

You can order prints by going to the "Prints" section of my website, and there you can choose either Lustre (matt) or glossy finishes (with the former being my personal favourite; I think the tonal gradients are more evident), in a variety of sizes up to 20" x 30". If you have different sizing or printing needs, please get in touch. It's also worth subscribing to my mailing list for notifications of special offers, and limited edition prints.