Shooting in the rain

When it's raining like this in central Tokyo, I can't help but think of Blade Runner...

Today was another smoggy day, but this rain is helping to remove some of the particles from air, which should freshen things up. We haven't had rain for a while - it's mainly been snow. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed walking around in the rain so much...

I wasn't the only one enjoying my time outside

Though my lens is actually "weather sealed", my camera isn't. A long lens hood kept the rain off the front element, and I made sure my camera was safe under my umbrella.


I almost always think of Blade Runner when it's raining in Tokyo. It's hard not to. The neons with kana, skyscrapers, and  sheer volume of people make you feel as if you're on set.

I also tried a black and white conversion of this, but I'm not sure which I prefer... you?

Having ALOOK

This rain will pretty much remove all traces of snow from the streets of Tokyo. I'm doubtful that snow will return, but it may do. Personally, I have a feeling that this upcoming wet week marks a change in air mass - Tokyo will warm a little, the vegetation will come out of its slumber, and the nights will get longer.

I think I'm ready for Spring...