A Jiyugaokan Jaunt


I've shown photos from Jiyugaoka numerous times. It's a lovely place in central Tokyo, and is definitely worth a visit.

A dream car of mine since SEGA Rally

Once again, the weather was favourable this last weekend, and so we decided to check out this chic district, rather than deal with the crowds in Chinatown celebrating Chinese New Year.

As I said recently, I have a bit of a thing for coffee...

Technically, this bicycle shouldn't be here... but no-one seems to care. It almost looks as if it were originally part of the lamppost, anyway.

How do I look?

I'm back into the working week, but I'll try to find inspiration in the dark streets of Tokyo on my way home. There's usually not enough time, or space, to be taking photos during the morning commute, but there's a first time for everything!