I suppose it's something of a New Year's resolution... but on the Chinese calendar?! I dunno. I've finally printed some photos, after over 3 years in Japan. I've had the odd print done (and even a canvas!) back in the UK, but I take far more photos now that I ever did before moving to Japan. Renting here has meant that we can't modify the walls (i.e. hang pictures), and there's also nowhere near the wall-space compared to somewhere back home. Therefore, I've been sharing and viewing photos via LCD screens.

Laying out my own photographs before me was an interesting experience. I'm pleased with some, not so pleased with others, and one thing remained constant throughout... there's next to no difference in image quality between the different camera outputs. I'd previously written a few thoughts on how the camera isn't as important as the vision - and I stand by that more than ever, after seeing these prints. Yes, these are not billboard prints, but the largest prints (mostly the ones along the top) measure in at 203 × 305 mm. The NEX-C3, NEX-7, and the full-frame RX1 all produce fantastically detailed prints (yes, even including the NEX kit lens).

I've had photobooks done in the past (and will do again), but deciding how large to make the book, and the order of the photos, meant that simply running off a few prints was faster, inexpensive, and the end result is that it's generally just nice to hold my images.

Plus, now I can say that I've printed my photos ;-)

Now I just need to decide what to do with them...