Focussed on Fifty

Our journey to Hamarikyu Gardens, via Ginza, started much farther north in Kudanshita. We walked around the Eastern-wing of the Emperor's Palace, past all of the tourists and joggers, looking for something different.


Of course, it didn't take long. We're in Tokyo after all. 

flap meet, rid roast, and lamd & pease...!

I have no idea. 


Pootling around in your Ferrari, with your poodle!

OK, enough with the weird dog photos. I've probably got enough for a "Dogs of Japan" photobook... now there's an idea!

Just to the southeast of the palace, is the fantastic statue of the 14th Century samurai; Kusunoki Masashige.

The statue is really quite large.

I'll end this mini-series here. The majority of shots were taken at a focal length of ~50mm, which is actually rather new for me. It's a favourite focal length amongst photographers, but the switch from 35mm is taking more adjustment than when I use ~85mm lenses. I suppose because it's somewhere in between wide and tight. It's not really wide at all, unlike 35mm. And it's not super-tight, so one has to work hard for the details. Composition is a challenge, but this is exactly what I want from my photography; inspirational subjects, and challenges.


And that's just as well - I have a few "fast 50s" to put through their paces in the coming weeks.