April Showers

Well, Spring isn't just about perfectly clear, blue skies, and pretty flowers. Those flowers need fuel from somewhere - and a significant chunk of said fuel fell from the heavens today. All day.

It's the beginning of term, so I'm noticing more students than ever (I guess they slack off as the year progresses?).

Interestingly, April is also when most salarymen (and women) start their jobs in Japan. It's kind of like "school for grown ups". I'll never forget the day we saw some wet-behind-the-ears graduate wearing a brand new shirt, bought from a convenience store... with the creases to prove it.

Remember the gingko? How could you forget! Well, they're back - and it's such a brilliant green to see, even in the low contrast light of a rainy day.

But, still stealing the show, are the sakura. There's not so long left now...