Stumbled Upon

Jupiter-3 | 1/125s ISO100 50mm somewhere between f/8 and f/11...

There's something very "Tokyo" about going for walk with no real purpose, and stumbling upon something like the image above.

Located a mere 30-minutes or so from our place, this shrine was completely deserted in the mid-afternoon sun. Actually, regarding the recent weather, it's been almost perfect recently. Granted, the last 3 days have been cloudy, foggy, and drizzly (and would challenge Manchester in some respects), but the weekend was spectacular. It's not too hot, but just right

Lion | Jupiter-3 | 1/2000s ISO100 50mm f/4

Some of the larger temples and shrines littered throughout Tokyo are simply too busy to properly enjoy. Lots of the charm has gone, and we're left wondering why we're stood there, in the queue. Is it to buy yakitori skewers, inflatable koi carp, or chocolate covered bananas?

Anyway, these shots make up the rest of my shots from Sunday, with the first set (mostly macro) shown in my previous post

A very contrasty lens

With Spring now in full swing, flowers are springing up everywhere. Our favourites tend to be somewhat unkempt*, and wild. Though order and structure can be impressive, there's little more impressive to me than the sheer indifference of nature to humanity's constant intervention.

"Life finds a way" – Dr. Ian Malcolm

*unkept; untidy or dishevelled appearance