RX1 | 1/100s f/8.0 ISO100 35mm 

To honour the demolition of Tokyo's National Olympic Stadium, Japan air self-defence forces' acrobat team, the Blue Impulse, could be seen (& heard) flying over central Tokyo for the last few days. The stadium, built to host the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, will be dismantled over 15 months and replaced on the same site with a new US$1.6 billion venue to stage the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympics. We were lucky enough to spot the aircraft flying overhead, as we walked through Harajuku & Yoyogi Park on Saturday afternoon.

RX1 | 1/160s f/2.0 ISO100 35mm

It's 31ºC today in Tokyo, which sounds OK if you're on a beach or by a pool. Fact of the matter is that living in the UK, or Europe in general, is much easier due to the temperate climate. The mosquitoes are out in force.

RX1 | 1/160s f/2.0 ISO100 35mm 

When the weather's like this, I am glad I don't carry a huge DSLR around with me. I impulsively grabbed my RX1 and headed out of the door.

Jogging under the stars | RX1 | 1/125s f/2.2 ISO100 35mm

We decided to take a late afternoon walk through Yoyogi park, where the trees were very helpful in removing direct sunlight.

RX1 | 1/125s f/2.2 ISO100 35mm 

We walked almost an identical route to the one we walked here in February. It's hard to believe that just four months ago, we were in several inches of snow – now a distant memory! 

RX1 | 1/800s f/2.0 ISO100 35mm 

There's some interesting architecture around this area of Tokyo...

RX1 | 1/400s f/5.6 ISO100 35mm

RX1 | 1/200s f/5.6 ISO100 35mm

... though there is still the issue of too many overhead cables!