Life's too short...

Indeed | A7R & SEL35F28Z | 1/400s f/2.8 ISO100 35mm

At present, I'm not taking nearly as many photographs as I would like. This is due to the combination of a busy working week, and miscellaneous menial activities. It's basically left me without time to think about taking photographs, and when I possibly have had the time, I've just not felt motivated. This all changed on Saturday morning when I found myself with with a few hours with literally nothing to do, and promptly grabbed my camera.

Where are you going? | A7R & SEL35F28Z | 1/800s f/16.0 ISO100 35mm

Getting settled seems to take a significant amount of effort, finance, and time. The answer to which of those is most important or valuable is probably dependent on one's age. Out of those three, the most important is arguably time. Finances can be recouped (hopefully!), and effort is really just a way of expressing the amount of work one does in an amount of time. And time, is always diminishing. Photographs simply mark moments in time passed. 

Time is one of my favourite topics of discussion. What is time? Is it continuous? If so, how can we measure its passing with discrete values such as seconds? How much time is there between each second? Is there a present? The future has not yet happened, and the past is what we believe to have happened. Does the present actually exist? It can't exist for any amount of time, or it'd be in the past... or an event in the future. The future is unknown, yet the past makes us who we are, and thus determines our future behaviour... a fun topic!

How does my garden grow? | A7R & SEL35F28Z | 1/8000s f/3.2 ISO100 35mm

But anyway, back to photography.  I have a few review pieces waiting in the pipeline, but want to get back into more of a photography groove before I start publishing reviews. It's also good to revisit gear and add some longer-term thoughts—all too often reviews focus on the new shiny rather than give a more subjective user report. I also have some completely non-photography related reviews in the pipeline, which I hope you'll enjoy.

I took the A7R & SEL35F28Z out with me, as I fancied 36 MP (why not?!), and 35mm is still my favourite focal length. 35mm on full-frame (basically same field of view as 24mm on APS-C) is just wide enough, and yet not too wide. I'll always recommend this focal length to people, though I know most prefer 50mm. I still feel as though I've yet to break into 50mm shooting—even super-wide feels more natural to me. But I won't improve unless I try new things, and try to learn from mistakes.

This building is rather old | A7R & SEL35F28Z | 1/1000s f/4.5 ISO100 35mm