October's where we change the clocks by one hour (back, of course) to GMT. This results in leaving for work during sunrise, and returning in pitch black. Outside of work hours, therefore, there is next-to-no available light for much photography. I might get into some more night shots, but things are pretty quiet around this part of the world. The neons of Tokyo are a distant memory.

There is still weekends of course. If I wake up early enough, I can just about catch some daylight. So perhaps I will try that. The low-light yields long shadows. And the trees are turning a lovely colour this time of year.

With lots of house-based activities over the last few weeks, I've not really gone anywhere new. Exploring the new neighbourhood is a pleasure though. I dug out my somewhat-neglected RX1 the other day and took it with me to snap the shots below.

And for the shot below, I couldn't decide which I preferred, so you can have both!