There's no mistaking the yellow leaves and crisp morning air of autumn. 

Our house now has new electrics and a new heating system, ready for winter (but more on that exciting development another time). We had another "local" weekend this weekend, in part recovering from a busy week, but also to enjoy the nice weather and see more of our town. It's easy to get so caught up in things that one misses what is on one's doorstep.

The annoying thing about this time of year, is that we have moved the clocks back by one hour, to GMT. This means that on a weekend, due to a need for sleep, I have fewer daylight hours than just a couple of weeks ago. That's a shame. The nights are getting longer and longer, and shortly we will leave for work in the dark, and return in the dark, but that's nothing new.

It's avoided in Tokyo—the sun would rise at 7ish (by memory) and I always felt it helped me get started on a work day. The sun set at around 4pm though, basically the same as the UK, so I still lost time at weekends and in the evenings. 

I'm a long, long way from the neons of Tokyo now, I can tell you.

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