Good Morning Amsterdam

People say there are two great days in boat ownership; the day you buy it, and the day you sell it. I think that phrase was coined by some millionaire in Monaco, wasting money on the crew and upkeep of some magnificent yacht.  I think the boats on the canals of Amsterdam are probably great fun as soon as you step inside.

Cycling is definitely the main mode of transport in Amsterdam, second only to the mopeds and scooters... which use cycle lanes! I'm not sure if they are supposed to, but it is quite amusing to watch.

Within around 2 hours of landing, we'd seen at least one slow-moving traffic incident in which no-one was hurt. I was not surprised.

Spring in Europe is a welcome break from the dark, the cold, and the rain. There is something about flowers. They are simply and yet complex. As is what they represent.

And, just like that, the city-break was over. Four lovely days were spent in a new place in Europe, and offered a much needed escape from all-too-familiar-surroundings.

I don't regret only taking the silent RX1 with me one bit. The fixed 35mm lens is almost perfect, with a sensor to match. Every time I use this camera, it justifies its purchase. I've learnt to live with its quirks, and like anything, once you know how to use a tool, it becomes second nature.

So, it was time to board our flight back home. However, I would only be in the UK for four days, until I was due to attend an international conference in Vienna. And, as I will start off in Vienna alone, maybe I'll take the A7R...