Until next time, Tokyo

This series of photos is the final set from Tokyo 2015. I wanted to stretch the legs of my Voigtänder Ultron 21mm F1.8 lens, and the ultra-urban environment of Tokyo was perfect for such a wide-angle lens. 

I don't usually post photos of myself, mainly because I hardly take any at all. I also detest "selfies" and the general self-centered view point that seems to engulf people when out-and-about. However, this shop window was essentially one-way glass, and gave the reflected image a very film-like rendering, so I couldn't resist. Shot wide-open at F1.8, the depth of field is thin even though the lens is so wide.

It's hard to use a wide angle lens and avoid scenes looking somewhat distorted—it's all down to framing. In the set of three images above, I took care to make the verticals in the centre image remain vertical, but this is much harder to do at street view. I would have had far too much tarmac in the bottom of the frame, though I could have cropped. I prefer not to crop, and the photo of the taxi came out well enough for my purposes. The rendering and sharpness were what I was after, at any rate.

And so, with a final quick-fire shot, I left Tokyo, heading north.

more from Japan to come...