Zurich | RX1 | 1/500s f/2.0 ISO100 35mm

This was my first time to Switzerland; an interesting country in central-west Europe, yet not part of the EU. With an interesting history and lots of architecture left in place from lack of war-time devastation, Switzerland has lots to offer any tourist. It's famous for its bank accounts, chocolates, watches, and trains—something for everyone!

Bugatti | RX1 | 1/500s f/2.0 ISO100 35mm

It's a wealthy country, and the exchange rate makes it a rather expensive place to be at the moment. I felt pretty safe, but then I don't think I looked like a tourist (I wasn't wearing a back-pack backwards, or at all, for that matter). Zurich felt expansive, old, and yet like somewhere I could spend an awful lot of time, and money. The Opernhaus (below) is a particularly beautiful building well situated, and the lake really is gorgeous.

The most striking thing, was not the high level of English, but the mixture of French and German. It really was quite useful after three weeks in Japan. If you wanted to say Danke or merci, either were OK. It goes hand-in-hand with Switzerland's history of course, but it's just another story until you experience it first hand.

The Swiss are unashamedly proud of their flag. This makes a nice change to the way the English treat the English flag. The Union Jack gets a lighter deal, but I do think that the English worry a little too much about being patriotic. The Scottish flag is proudly displayed, as is the Welsh, but most middle-class English people see the St. George's Cross as something associated with loutish behaviour, football (see loutish behaviour), and ignorant racist idiots. All I know is that I prefer to see the flag of a country over yet another Coca-Cola advert.

+ + + + | A7R & CV 21/1.8 | 1/320s ISO160 21mm