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San Francisco

Downtown | A7R & CV 21/1.8 | 1/160s f/2 ISO100 21mm

Travelling at the very end of the year can feel a little more exhaustive than usual. With Christmas just around the corner, there is probably more to think about (presents, family visits) than at any other time of year. Throw in a 9-hour time difference, and it's hard to synchronise body and mind.

I was in San Francisco to attend AGU 2015; I've attended this meeting quite a few times now over the years, so I have got to know San Francisco reasonably well. San Francisco is an interesting place. There are tasty diners, authentic jazz clubs, steakhouses, posh hotels, and tramps and beggars, on every street corner.

One person's trash...

I didn't have any time for sight-seeing, just a few hours to kill before my return flight to the UK. Luckily, the weather was crisp and clear, with strong sun—much better than the overcast and flooding weather back home.

The photos in this post were taken with a 21mm and 50mm lens. The 21mm I have talked about a few times before. It's a relatively new lens and a focal length I enjoy. The 50mm lens is an old Russian Zeiss "Sonnar" copy (50/1,5) in Leica thread mount (LTM), called Jupiter-3. I've had it for a few years, and it gets some airtime every now and then. I really like its light weight, clickless 13 aperture blades, and its sublime bokeh.

I should use it more often.