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Washington DC

Somewhere over the North Atlantic Ocean

So I’ve only gone and bought myself a new bloody camera. Somehow I managed to justify it to myself, though the truth of the matter is all of the photos in this post could have been taken with my old camera. But I kind of new this would be the case. The new beasty has faster auto focus and in body stabilisation, meaning that all my old legacy glass is now stabilised. That, should be fun.

I’ve also bought a new bloody lens. The Sony 28/2, or SEL28F20 in sexy marketing language. I already have a lens at 28mm, but this is a stop faster, and has autofocus. Sometimes it is just nice to have autofocus… it just is.

Having said that, the photo above is taken with my Voigtländer 21mm F1.8 lens. And, I really like the rendering here. At 100% crop the image is completely sharp—the IBIS was very useful indeed. This is also shot through a hotel window, which was not really clean at all, so I am pretty impressed all in all with this combo.

The 28mm lens looks like a solid performer (see all other images in this post), and I will put it through my usual rigorous review process.

Would a woman build such a memorial?

Would a woman build such a memorial?

It doesn’t look it, but it’s bloody cold here. Like 0ºC cold. Oh, and look at the photo above. Isn’t the sun nice? There’s an aeroplane just below it (there are also a few birds around, as well as people, for the eagle-eyed).

Here’s what the sun and plane look like a little closer…


It looks bloody spiffing, that’s what. Worth waiting in the cold for the plane to get to where I wanted it.

Cue House of Cards theme tune…

There you go, what you wanted… to see my photo of The White House. Well that’s it. It’s actually a lovely building. The whole of DC feels very clean and smart compared to a few other places I have visited in the US.

Trump might be inside there. Who knows? Does it matter?

Does this guy run a website?

Does this guy run a website?

So, enjoying the new camera so far (now it’s all set up), and the new lens seems like a real corker. No buyer’s remorse, even though the above photos could have been taken with my old camera… probably… if I would have bothered taking them ;)