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Please let me Finnish

I went to Finland and it was bloody cold

Finland is a funny place. There's a population of 5 million (that's Manchester and Birmingham combined), and a language that is like no other.

My hotel was in a renovated prison.

I decided to go for one 30 minute walk and almost died. I think it was -10ÂșC or something but I was no suitably dressed (mini skirt, high heels, skimpy top) and google maps was saying 25 minutes to my hotel. No problem. Except that my phone battery was depleting at faster than 1% per minute and had 50% left. My camera didn't fare much better. I took the photos you see here today before the never-before-seen "battery depleted" message popped up. Always fun to see something new.

You ain't sailing nowhere, John

My impression of Finland was thus: it's bloody cold. 

I am glad I am not a building in Finland

I am glad I am not a building in Finland

Not sure I can say if it's worth visiting, as I didn't stay for long and only really saw a little bit of Helsinki. I am sure that if I had more time and more clothing I could have explored in far more detail. Until then, I'll Finnish here.