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I have always appreciated a good landscape. In part, I think it's because I grew up in a very pretty but very flat part of the world—the horizon was the limit. This meant that I would often take in the vast and wide landscapes limited only by buildings, trees, or simply the limit of the horizon (somewhere between 3 and 10 miles).

We all get used to our surroundings, but I remember taking this photo of Mt Fuji, and being in awe at the sheer magnitude of its presence. I took a lot of urban and street photography shots around Tokyo, which is to be expected, but some of my favourite images over the years have been of natural landscapes.

Animals are something else I really enjoy to photograph. I love animals, have a huge respect for them, and find them out-and-out fascinating. It's difficult to take photos of animals, as they'll often move seemingly at random, and rather quickly. They have much faster responses than adult humans, and I'm not one to fire off 50 shots quickly and look to see which was the best. I take my chances, and sometimes get lucky.


Fuerteventura translates into English directly as "Strong Winds". And I can attest to the accuracy of the translation. It was bloody windy there. Great if you surf, not so great if you're lying on the beach, being sandblasted.


I keep thinking about picking up a point and shoot camera. I say "picking up", but I'll be honest, they are all north of $500... it's not chump change. They'll be good, but do I want to sell any of my rare lenses? Or my other cameras? No, I don't. So, here we are. Phones are good enough for snaps, and a well taken iPhone photo is going to look better than the biggest Canon or Nikon setup in the hands of the unskilled.

Where that puts me, I don't know. I'll probably do what I have been doing for years anyway, which is to spend money elsewhere.