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A7R & Leica 60mm Macro Elmarit-R

Just a quick snap from one of my favourite lenses—the Leica 60mm Macro Elmarit-R. It's a heavy lens, and goes down to a 2:1 macro, which is very usable. It has superb sharpness and a beautiful bokeh. It's possibly the most versatile lens in my lineup.

Using a 60mm lens for landscapes is a great idea. Indoor architecture shots will work quite nicely too (focussing on the details), and the close working distance and macro ability of the lens will mean that if you really want to get into details, you can.

The above shot is a handheld snap of some roses. I wanted to make use of some negative space, hence not filling the entire screen and am pleased with the composition. I particularly like the softness of the rose to the right and behind the main rose, as well as the leaves below.

Shot at 1/60 s and handheld, ISO 500. The A7R shutter slap issue rarely manifests itself in my photos—usually I'm the one making errors and not the camera. And a tiny loss of sharpness never stops a powerful image making its point or reduces a great image to a mediocre one.

Expect more from this lens soon...