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Hong Kong II


It’s hard to convey the humidity in photos—I took a snap for my instagram story showing the condensation pouring down the windows of a convenience store, but I won’t put it here. Just know that the rain was on-and-off, and it was about 30ºC. ~90% humidity. One has to take care of one’s camera moving from inside and outside…


Being as I was here on business, I didn’t have much time for sightseeing (more on that in the next post). The weather was mostly thunderstorms, so I wasn’t missing too much anyway. I’d packed my two linen suits, so I was as comfortable as could be in this heat. A linen suit with linen shirt is much more comfortable than a synthetic fabric T-shirt and some shorts and flip flops, with the added benefit that you don’t look like you’ve given up on yourself.


The above shot conveys the weather quite nicely. Snapped on my phone at either 5 or 10x zoom, the heavy, dark clouds over the city dominated the week.


I was reminded of Japan multiple times, with these dirty-yet-clean alley ways seemingly leading to nowhere. Distinctly Asian.