A Glimpse of Ginza

Ginza's a pretty interesting area in Tokyo. There are three distinct groups of people in Ginza; those spending obscene amounts of money, those wishing they were, and those passing through (including tourists). I'm not sure I've ever spent any money in Ginza, on anything other than food. Either way, it's a cool place to visit, and has some interesting architecture

The walk through Ginza was part of our trip to Hamarikyu Gardens, and marked the first outing with my A7R and FE 55/1,8 pair. The shot above was taken with the aforementioned combination, with the following settings: 1/640, f/8, ISO 100 and 55mm. Click here to see a 100% crop from the centre of the photo above. Naturally, I am rather pleased with this combo. There's detail in that shot I'd have no chance of seeing with the naked eye. Details (aka image sharpness) are not the most important aspect of a photo - far from it. However, it's still nice to see what can be done. The microcontrast makes the images pop out, and colours are rather sumptuous.

I've read that some have found the files from the magnificent RX1 more manageable/malleable than those from the A7(R) cameras, but I've not noticed much difference at all, it must be said. I'm also yet to be plagued by any kind of shutter shock, and have taken a few photos at rather low shutter speeds, and liked the results. However, though it's sometimes fun, I tend not to magnify my photos to 100% all the time and scrutinise every last detail. I'll post more on this when I come to review the camera.

Though there's lots to see above ground, the majority of people enter Ginza via the underground. The underground maze is quite something - many designer shops actually have store fronts below ground level. This gorgeous stained glass feature is close to the marunouchi line entrance; we took this line to Shinjuku for our tonkatsu dinner.