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Alpine Tour - Day 2

It’s been a busy couple of weeks but I’ve finally pulled my photos off the camera. This post won’t be quite as detailed as the previous - the day was spent almost solely on the bikes and though we stopped a few times for a few snaps, food, and much needed coffee, riding took centre stage.

The day started early in Brunnen, driving south towards the Alps. There are multiple routes to take, multiple methods to the madness, but overall it almost doesn’t matter. Traffic dictates how much you can focus on a corner vs focus on others also taking corners. Once you’ve scanned the road ahead and see nothing oncoming, you focus completely on getting the corner just right. If you see a car, bike, truck, bus coming, it changes everything accordingly.

Riding a bike is so different to driving a car. I do like cars very much, and plan on continuing to have nice cars, but the feeling of taking these corners on a bike has completely changed the way I view car driving on the twisty roads.

More landscape imagery to come, but that’s all for this post!