Mobile Photography

OnePlus One | 1/2500s f/2.0 ISO103 3.79mm 

There's nothing "wrong" with taking photos with mobile phones. Or tablets (though you'll look like a right plonker). There is a lot of negativity towards mobile photographers, usually from the owners of expensive cameras. I can only surmise that this is some kind of self-justification that they need to go through in order to feel like they haven't wasted money on a camera. Unless they are a pro, they have wasted money on that camera, if all they do is fill their lives with negativity and negative comments based at people actually taking photos

OnePlus One | 1/1742s f/2.0 ISO100 3.79mm 

The "rules" for mobile photography are no different to any other kind of photography. Light is key, framing is paramount. It always amuses me when I show people a photo taken with my phone and they won't believe that I didn't take it with my expensive camera. Sometimes I just don't carry my camera with me, believe it or not. And at times like that, the ever-improving mobile phone cameras really do make up most of the short fall.

Some of these are taken with my newly acquired OnePlus One, which I will review in due-course (it's a very good phone), and the rest with my 2-year old HTC One (which I just sold this weekend). The latter only sports a measly 4 mega pixel camera, which means that its details are somewhat lacking, but it still manages to capture enough detail, and with great colours.

HTC One (M7) | 1/2262s f/2.0 ISO125 3.82mm 

Is there a moral to all of this? Not really. Just giving my opinion, and showing you some mobile photos. I occasionally (when I remember) upload mobile photos from my life to my VSCO grid. The bulk of what I photograph makes it to this site, and it shot with a camera with a big sensor. I do prefer the output, but there's something to be said for the mobile photographers out there, putting out better imagery than most of us can with cameras costing more than a used car.

HTC One (M7) | 1/2564s f/2.0 ISO125 3.82mm 

I've mentioned numerous times that we've bought a house here in England. It was (and still is!!) in need of lots of TLC. We're slowly going through the house, room by room, painting and repairing bits as we go. We're also wading through boxes marked "ロンドンへ" (they're from Japan), which haven't been opened for quite a while now. I wonder if we even need the contents?! I may well sell the odd lens here and there if I don't find I am using it much, so keep your eyes peeled on the for sale section.

I will include more house photos as we go, but for now, here are some I took last week.