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NYC // Brooklyn Bridge to Grand Central

Disembarking at Whitehall Terminal, I walked through the street canyons towards Brooklyn Bridge. It was too cold to use my phone for directions, but I knew where I was headed anyway. I ducked into Dunkin’ Donuts and grabbed myself an Americano (obvs) and an apple doughnut thing which was absolutely delicious.

Now I could feel my hands again, I took back to the streets. It had stopped raining, and there was a nice colour in the distance just above the horizon (check out my last post for an example). Directly above, however, there was nothing but white.

Brooklyn Bridge

I didn’t even make it half way across the bridge. Once on the bridge it was so windy and cold, and full of tourists taking selfies for instagram (me included, by the way), that I decided to make a quick turn, grab a shot of Manhattan and then get back to the island.

Had the light at least been more interesting, providing contrast, then I would have taken so many more photos on this trip. Typical, isn’t it? Brand new camera, first time in a location, I had all of the shots in my head, and then it turns out the weather is awful and the light completely flat.

At least the rain had abated. I’d had enough of shielding the lens and at least now all I had to do was keep warm. I had a quick look on Google maps to locate something of interest and decided Grand Central Station would be worth a shot.

Grand Central

Mid completely forgotten about Grand Central. I’ve seen it in Mad Men and various other movies and TV series, but it’s not often mentioned in the “must see” top 10 for New York. Or at least, it was in my list but I’d forgotten about it until I looked at the map.

Grand Central itself is a marvel of architecture and showcases American opulence like no other building I saw during my trip. It was my favourite building and i could have spent a day here alone.

This is what a train station looks like…

I ventured back out from the lovely warm colours and atmosphere within Grand Central, headed towards Rockefeller Center, where I had a date with the Top of The Rock.

21mm mounted and 55mm in my pocket, I took the the streets once more…