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NYC // The first few hours

I decided to have a cheeky jaunt to New York during my last trip to the States. I’d always wanted to visit, and had planned to for many years, but as with many things in life, sod all happens unless one takes the plunge. I had built up quite a few thousand Delta Skymiles ® over the years, and was pleased to find I could use them to purchase a return ticket to JFK from DC. Incidentally, the Yanks pronounce Washington DC’s “Dulles” airport as “Dallas” and I almost had a brown trouser moment in the airport when I thought I was on a plane headed to Texas. Fortunately, I was not, and was headed to the Big Apple.

New camera. New city. So, I was as motivated as ever to take pictures (so sit down and strap in). Unfortunately, the weather was total bobbins. I can see why they called it “New” York. The weather is the same as old York. I didn’t let the weather deter me. I had it in my mind that the camera was weather-sealed (I haven’t had time to read the manual), and figured that life is too short either way. I wasn’t going to simply hide from the elements during my first visit to NYC. I had 48 hours and had to make each one count.

Not this time you bastards

It is basically like a movie-set inside a video game, or some similar hybridisation of media. I felt I knew NY even though of course I’d never been there. So many familiar landmarks scatter Manhattan, that it really feels “familiar”. Much grittier and dirtier than DC, NY has a charm.

A zoom lens would have been more appropriate for such inclement weather. I ended up knobbing around inside foyers, park benches, inside my jacket, changing lenses in the wind, protecting the sensor as best I could, when in reality a zoom would have been more comfortable. But, I enjoy shooting primes, so, that was that.

21mm, 28mm (new toy), and the trusty 55mm were my weapons (add my iPhone to the list). Kind of wish I had a 24 and 35 with me but you have to draw a line somewhere. It’s generally better to just use one focal length when out and about and focus on that (what a pun!).

I walked to Times Square for sundown, and then grabbed a bite to eat at a diner for the real deal.

iPhone shot before dinner

These are the majority of the photos from the first few hours in New York. I was up early the next day, and covered what I think was quite an impressive list of landmarks.

So, I will conclude this first post on New York city and you can look forward to what comes in the near future :)

I hope that you enjoy the series, and let me know your favourite images :)