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NYC // Top of The Rock

I’ve known of the Rockefeller Center since watching the critically acclaimed “30 Rock” years ago. I knew it offered a great view of New York’s skyline, so booked myself a ticket for an afternoon visit. Luckily it had stopped raining by this point, and I really enjoyed the view, but it was very cold, windy, and I wasn’t really satisfied with the photos I was taking.

A “proper” camera is good for a number of reasons, but mobile phones are already so capable that sometimes I wonder why I bother! I was considering a compact camera for travel, but tbh, phones are good enough (in addition to my real camera). The above photo was captured on my iPhone. I actually prefer the perspective to the photos I took with my new camera, which is almost disappointing, but that’s not really important.

I took the iPhone photo in RAW mode, saving the HEIC file, which I could then work with as I do all my RAW files. The quality isn't near the same league as the full frame camera, of course, but for social media… it’s more than acceptable. It’s made me rule out a Sony RX100 series camera. Great though they are, I will just use my phone and the more “interesting” full frame camera.

I changed to the 55mm lens, but would have loved >100mm here. This is where a 24MP APS-C camera with a longish prime comes into its own, imo.

A near 100% crop of the above…

A near 100% crop of the above…

The near-100% crop above, is perfectly serviceable, but the 42MP A7RIII would have given an extra reach here. But… not worth the extra cash to me at this point.

Central Park

The “sun” was due to set soon, the light was fading fast. I decided to take in the view for a few more minutes and then move on to my next destination. I’m a little disappointed with the photos I’ve come back with from The Top of The Rock (and TBH the trip in general, but there we go!), but being there in person is something special, and doesn’t translate into pictures easily.

Worth a visit. Perhaps in the Spring, Summer, or Autumn. Also, I would get the special return ticket allowing you to come back at night…