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NYC // Around Wall St.

“I have to return some videotapes”

I have mixed feelings about Wall St. I am probably just about good enough at maths and “selling things” that I could work there. I also like wearing suits. There are reasons as to why I don’t work in finance, but this is the world in which we live, and Wall Street exists.

“Money never sleeps, pal.”

I hold in high regard the films Wall St., The Wolf of Wall Street, and American Psycho; three extremely significant pieces of cinematic history. Hollywood loves Wall Street and so do the public. They pay to see the films, I mean. If they objected, perhaps they would do something about it. The depressions, the recessions, the “money” that actually means nothing and is simply a confidence game invented by humanity for control purposes.

Obviously, there are people and even countries that see Wall Street as representing all the evils of the Western World… but more on that in another post.

“If you want to be rich, never give up.”

I actually expected Wall Street and the surrounding area to appear more… affluent. I was expecting something more like Marunouchi in Tokyo, or Paradeplatz in Zurich, but it was basically like London. Which was kind of nice, kind of refreshing. It felt real. I could imagine working there.

“There's no nobility in poverty”

“Greed, for lack of a better word, is good”

“Greed, for lack of a better word, is good”

About 5 seconds after taking the above photo of the Charging Bull, a busload of Chinese tourists descended. The shot above wasn’t what I had hoped for, but there we go. They were taking it in turns for selfies and photos draped on the bull, and at the back, apparently it’s good luck to touch its testicles, but I think that’s just a load of bollocks.

Overall, enjoyed it. Had a delicious Americano for about $2, which really warmed me up as it was raining and the freezing wind was numbing my hands. I had actually purchased a sheepskin coat the night before because it was so damn cold, so my core was warm at least. I ordered a glazed apple donut to go, and was back outside, camera in hand.