Off to a flying start

Sunrise | RX1 | 1/640s f/2.0 ISO100 35mm 

It's almost February! Have you joined a gym, given up alcohol, and made lots of promises to yourself for 2015? I've done no such thing but do plan on joining a gym this year at some point, and I figure that January is probably a busy time of year in gyms, so I'll wait until the fuss has died down. Besides, I need to buy some gym shoes!

It's pretty damn cold in the UK right now. It was -9ºC overnight, and Cambridge didn't get over -1ºC all day—note the -4.5ºC on my dashboard! It reminded me of the winters in Tokyo, where I would have a blanket in my office because it was so freezing inside the concrete building with seemingly no insulation.

RX1 | 1/500s f/2.0 ISO100 35mm

I took all of these shots this morning, when stationary at various points during my morning commute. The RX1 is ideal for this type of work. No need to zoom, and the autofocus is fine for these types of scenes. Though the resultant images are not critically sharp (shooting whilst in a car isn't ideal), there is a level of tonality in the files with which I really enjoy working. The A7R definitely has the ability to resolve more detail, with the right lens, than the RX1, but getting the right lens on the camera before shooting is a challenge in itself. 

With the RX1, you only have one such option.